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Strategic Business Services

Life Cycle Services

Our complete life cycle services can be tailored to fit any business need from full program and project/solutions development to targeted development services.

As in business all software is not the same. It is the way in which organizations configure, adopt and use technologies that creates a strategic advantage. It is this unique combination of elements that creates the engine that allows you to connect your enterprise the way you do business. Our Life Cycle Services offers the ability to tailor our solutions to fit the needs of your applications and the changing needs of your organization. Our solutions include new development, application enhancements and operations and maintenance services that can all be delivered through diverse means and method.

Application Transformation

Maximize the benefit of existing investments and realize the true flexibility that can be created with your existing IT portfolio. Through our optimization services, we can assist in improving your existing applications, databases and information management needs thereby increasing the benefit of your investment. Our solutions offer the core elements of success in transformational efforts that range from:

  • Portfolio assessment and alignment
  • Application redesign, enhancement and upgrade planning
  • Transition planning
  • Organizational change management and configuration management development
IT Outsourcing

With applications as the critical enabler for all companies, outsourcing is becoming more than a cost-improvement measure. The strategic nature of applications reflecting the way we do business is increasingly at the fore-front of organizational success. As executives drive their businesses forward, with the recognized savings achieved through outsourcing all or portions of application development and maintenance, the continued pressure to deliver value still drives the competitive advantage.

Today’s application outsourcing strategies have become more focused on building upon the strategic business value and nimbleness, rather than just focusing on cost savings. By standardizing our delivery, application portfolio optimization and transformational efforts, companies are realizing the value of the next-generation of Oraco’s outsourcing solutions.

Network Architecture

Looking to build an affordable network that runs reliably 24×7? That is expandable and secure? That lowers operating costs? And supports the applications and desktops your people need most to do more each day? An architecture that leverages the latest proven technologies and market trends.

It all starts with the right design. And the right design starts with Oraco Netork Solutions  Architecture services. Count on our world class network architecture consultants to determine how your infrastructure can best evolve to the state your enterprise requires. They use our innovative 3D Blueprinting to gain critical problem-solving visibility into your network architecture requirements. So, you can make the best decisions for your network and  your business.

Project Management

Since we were founded, Oraco Technology Solutions has been successfully delivering critical projects throughout all phases of the project life cycle. Our experienced and certified project managers adhere to our tailored best practices and management processes and assist customers in reducing risk while ensuring that project charters are met. Our standard set of best practices and management processes includes the essentials for success:

  • Planning and estimation
  • Administration and reporting
  • Project management (teams, vendors, etc.)
  • Communication and risk management

Our core offerings provide customers the flexibility to engage our professionals at any stage of the project life cycle and include:

  • http://wearelightbox.co.uk/tag/relationships/ Project Management – Plan, scope, estimate, manage and oversee the delivery of your initiative
  • site here Project Assessment & Alignment – Assess your current project status and formulate a short and long-term project plan
  • check out this site Program Management Office (PMO) – Multi-project capability and program support
  • Process Definition – Establish project management processes and best practices tailored to your organization’s culture and business goals
Consulting Services

Our expertise in consulting services is built on more than a decade of working with many different types of organizations at all levels within the company. We understand the importance of strategy development beyond the strategic roadmap itself by ensuring that this roadmap is aligned correctly with the business or mission needs. We recognize that technology is an enabler to achieve your core business goals. In this case, technology is a key tool that allows you the opportunity to execute your business with a higher degree of success, at a reduced cost and with fewer errors in delivery. With every engagement we keep this in mind when assisting in guiding the IT roadmap.

We help our customers’ leadership develop a governance team comprised of the right components within the organization who give the direction to those implementing the business solutions. We can deliver a governance framework the organization can leverage for successful delivery and support of IT programs, as well as enhancing the value of the business.

Infrastructure Sustainment and Upgrade

Maintaining and optimizing your Information Technology (IT) portfolio investment is becoming more challenging as systems and applications approach the end of their lifecycle while newer, more advanced technologies emerge.  Oraco offers a long-term, comprehensive approach to maximizing your organization’s IT operations and achieving your business goals.

Our Infrastructure Sustainment and Upgrade Services (ISUS) provide you with strategic options for supporting today’s legacy platforms and applications, as well as developing highly adaptable IT solutions for the future.  This approach enables you to enhance operational efficiency and provides the opportunity to integrate new products into your legacy environment in a phased, cost-effective manner.
ISUS Benefits:

  • Extended life and operation of legacy systems and applications
  • Low risk and minimal impact to current IT operations
  • Proven modernization methodologies to establish the future IT environment
  • Flexible, seamless and cost-effective adoption processes for new technologies

Enterprise Management Services

Managed Services

The key to Managed Services is providing flexibility to support your strategic growth, and when this is done well it provides a platform for sustained growth. In today’s ever-changing business environment, such issues as managing IT complexity, mitigating risk and reducing cost structures are critical to success. We provide a variety of offerings ranging from Network Operations, Data Center Operations, Fully Managed Infrastructure and Hosting Solutions. ORACO enables you to focus on your core business and concentrate on delivering bottom-line results.
Our experts have a broad range of experience providing:

  • Disaster recovery services
  • Business continuity and planning services
  • Backup and recovery managemen
Network Operations Centre / Data Centre Operations

Improving the management of your data centers can result in substantial bottom line contributions. Fine-tuning data center management is what we do best.
Oraco assumes responsibility for complete data center operations, including personnel recruitment, training and performance management. We guarantee the quality of our performance through Service Level Agreements (SLAs), ensuring integrity and availability across your data centers.
Our data services include:

  • Comprehensive backup and recovery solutions
  • Independent verification and validation of compliance to enterprise standards across the organization
  • Managed commercial print operations full-print cycle support for core business functions in billing, invoicing and check printing
  • Onsite support for 24/7 data center operations
Service Centre Operations

Whether you need to transform your current service desk or want to build a new solution center from the ground up, Oraco will configure a customized, flexible, ITIL compliant service desk solution to meet your business needs.
We provide Level 1 through Level 3 support at your location. Our first-call resolution rate consistently beats the industry standard, meaning fewer repeat calls and less user downtime. Web-based tracking and reporting capabilities offer you a single point of accountability.

We Support:

  • Mainframes, servers, workstations, PC’s and laptops
  • Windows, UNIX and LINUX environments
  • Network devices including hubs, routers, switches and transceivers
  • Wireless data devices
  • Storage technologies including disk, tape and robotic devices
  • Printing output devices including monitors, terminals, printers and plotters
  • COTS and custom built applications
Rapid Assessment

All too often, Information Technology (IT) performance is dependent on a clear understanding of organizational goals, challenges and requirements, as well as agreement on how to execute the IT strategy. Oraco’s Rapid Assessment provides a comprehensive diagnostic and evaluation framework to analyze IT systems, projects and resources across your IT environments. Our approach can eliminate false starts and project derailments by gaining stakeholder consensus on priorities, staffing, budget, schedules and deliverables.

When you are looking to improve operations, reduce costs or increase performance, the Oraco Rapid Assessment is a valuable management tool for achieving your objectives. We deploy small, targeted teams consisting of functional and domain experts skilled at evaluating and identifying potential improvements in staffing, processes and technology.
Rapid Assessment Phases

  • Goal Setting and Definition – identifies key organizational goals, success criteria and stakeholders
  • Environmental Diagnostics – captures critical information related to each unique IT environment
  • Analysis and Recommendations – details operational enhancements and potential cost savings
  • Assessment Report and Implementation Roadmap – provides confidential assessment discoveries and defines a strategic plan for ongoing support and governance to sustain improvements

The Rapid Assessment Benefit
As a result of a Rapid Assessment, our customers have achieved improved operations, increased capacity in IT to support the business function and achieved cost savings by implementing all these solutions working together as a single, integrated function create a flexible and adaptable enterprise that can provide your organization with unlimited possibilities.

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