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Turnitin Workaround: Searching through Tables

by | Turnitin

Turnitin as an online service seems to have focused more on providing a globally renowned academic integrity service at the expense of some modern-day user-friendly features found in more recently developed web applications. One of such cases is the absence of the search box and the inability to search its paginated table for data in it’s DataTables template. This bug/ issue is found in pages such as the list of instructors, students or assignments submitted.

More often these issues are not identified until you have many registered instructors or students for instance, and you would like to perform an operation on one of them. One discovers that it is near impossible to search for a particular item specially if it’s not on the first page.

Rest your oars we have a simple work around for this issue.

  1. Log in to Turnitin,
  2. Simply click on the “User Info” link on the black bar at the top of any page 
  4. Navigate to the “items per page” option and select 1000. This option allows you to have up to 1000 items showing up at once.
  5. Click the “Submit”  button and go back to your instructor or students table.

Now use the browser’s built in “Find in page” to search for the item(s). A short cut is usually Ctrl+F for Windows users and Command+F for Mac users.