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Encourage Self-directed Learning about Plagiarism for Students

Believe Bariledum Nwamae, Senior Technologist at Rivers State University, Nigeria and winner, Global Innovator Award 2019, Middle East and Africa Category.

Global Innovator Award 2019

As the university’s Senior Technologist from 2015 and 2019, Believe Bariledum Nwamae oversaw Turnitin administration at Rivers State University (RSU). With over 22,000 enrolled students, RSU is the first technological university in Nigeria, with goals to produce quality graduates who promote academic integrity.

One of Believe’s initial actions was to enable resubmissions in Turnitin Feedback Studio to encourage self-directed learning about plagiarism for students, “Part of the settings allowed resubmissions, so it allows students to submit and get original reports. Because of that, students can now improve [as they write their drafts].”

As a result of resubmissions and increased low-stakes feedback, Believe states:

“Students now see the need for referencing, they now see the need for paraphrasing and it also improves their understanding of the subject matter, because they spend time going through their work. That makes them the real owners or real producers of the value they are claiming to produce in their work.”

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